Each Eudaimonia NFT
is the only one of its kind;

none is like the other.

We’re born, we live, and we die.

It is the most mundane process of all, and yet we somehow still find ourselves reveling in the wonders of it all.
And that’s what we’re trying to capture with Eudaimonia Project – That’s what our CNFTs are about: the journey of life. We want you to be able to find a sense of relatability with our works. We want you to feel.

We’ve summarized the journey into 5 Chapters; the first representing the many shades of emotions, the second representing how one travels and explores the world, the third about finding someone to complete your soul, the fourth about losing them, and the fifth… well you just have to wait to find out for yourself. Each chapter only consists of 256 CNFTs – all manually crafted, each the only one of its kind. As we believe in the freedom of choice, we let you choose your own, no random pulls.

Eudaimonia, where you live and breathe through art


Chapter 1

The Window

137 Token Available

This illustration design represents a window; a window where one should be able to reflect within themselves to seek for their own happiness, while also allowing them to gaze outward with the revelation that, when you find yourself at the presence of another’s happiness, who are you to disrupt it?

Chapter 2


161 Token Available

Happiness cannot be obtained by sitting idle. Rise up and act! This design tells a story of movement for change. To act may not be easy— one may find themselves unmotivated to start. Yet to act when the situation calls for it is simply a must, for we are each, a human being who roam this earth to find our purpose. So let us move toward our dreams. Let us act, for movements make change.

Chapter 3

Finding Someone

Planned for Q1 2022

Human beings are social creatures. We cannot live alone and we will always need the presence of others. Still, if you were to pick a wrong individual to enter your life, this person’s entry may do you more harm than good. On the other hand, when you find yourself the right people, you will feel at ease and you might even find prosperity. This design tells a story about finding your soulmate who shall accompany you anywhere life takes you.

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Chapter 4


Planned for Q2 2022

In every human being’s journey, to encounter grief is an inevitable thing. To lose people you love most is the most painful thing an individual can go through. This design tells the story of the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance— for we feel that grief should be treated as a reminder that when there’s an encounter, there is also a goodbye. And when a goodbye is due, we would go through those 5 stages, until we rise up and go back to living our lives. Whatever happens, you keep on going anyway.

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Chapter 5

Top Secret

Planned for Q3 2022

We’ll announce this chapter when it’s time! Stay tuned!

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